Sustainable Supply Chains

The future of successful management lies in the supply chain

Supply chains are global and their complexities are hard to untangle. They pose opportunities and risks for reputation, reliability and cost effectiveness. We find weak links in the supply chain, help to reduce social and environmental risks and unlock the potential. We are convinced that the future of successful business is to be found in the supply chain.


We identify ...

… the worst job in the supply chain which can determine the reputation of an entire company.

… environmental hot spots and evaluate them based on potential costs and their probability of occurrence.

… potential resource bottlenecks and weaknesses in the supply-chain management.

We strengthen ...

… the working and environmental conditions in the supply chain and in the company through capacity building.

… the strategic and communication skills of a company with regard to all relevant effects in the supply chain.

… the resilience and future viability of the supply chain.


We achieve ...

… cost effective, more stable and more sustainable supply chains.

… a significant reduction of reputational risk.

… in-depth understanding of the importance of sustainable supply chains.


Your contacts

Dr. Moritz Nill

Dr. Moritz Nill


Strategieberatung / Projektmanagement  / Umwelt- und Ressourcen-Management

Torben Kehne

Torben Kehne


Strategy development / Social responsibility / Human rights / Monitoring systems / Communications