Sustainability Strategy

Driving company value significantly with Corporate Responsibility

Sustainability management is a must for companies, but the exact requirements are often unclear and potentials remain unrecognised. Since the relevance for the core business is often underestimated, the issue of sustainability is likely to be under internal pressure for justification. With a fact-based approach we identify and prioritise all relevant sustainability issues.

Impact measurement

A successful sustainability strategy is characterised by a framework of relevant fields of action. We can measure the environmental, social and economic impact of your entire business. Our methods identify the driving forces behind sustainability impacts and set priorities where measures are most efficient.


Stakeholder survey

To consider stakeholder interests is an essential component in the development of sustainability strategies. Good stakeholder management starts with the selection of relevant stakeholder groups. Only if stakeholders are interviewed professionally and in a statistically valid manner, the foundations for an ongoing and profitable dialogue can be laid.


Materiality analysis

Systain has the people, methods and tools to uncover the business relevance of fields of action. We combine our insights from impact measurement, stakeholder surveys and other instruments such as competitive analysis in order to separate what is important from what is less important.

Business relevance

We assess the business relevance of various sustainability topics and identify the added value. Our assessment will help your company to focus on those sustainability topcis that combine high materiality with high added value. This approach guarantees a company-specific implementation of Corporate Responsibility into the core business.

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Hubertus Drinkuth

Hubertus Drinkuth

Managing Director

Strategieentwicklung / Managementberatung

Dr. Moritz Nill

Dr. Moritz Nill


Strategieberatung / Projektmanagement  / Umwelt- und Ressourcen-Management