Scope 3 emissions reporting for Siemens AG



The Siemens AG annually reports its greenhouse gas emissions to the CDP. Repeatedly, Siemens sets itself the aim to achieve the highest possible score in the CDP-scoring. However, given the large number of suppliers, the levying of greenhouse gas emissions in the supply chain (scope 3 upstream) is a major challenge. Therefore, Siemens has entrusted Systain with the analysis.


Quantification of greenhouse gas emissions in the supply chain of Siemens with estell.

Offsetting and reconciliation to compare the emissions to those from the previous year.

Processing of data in accordance with specifications of the CDP.


Systain supported the Siemens AG in the years 2013 to 2015 for the acquisition of its scope 3 emissions (supply chain). The amendments to the previous years were identified and documented. Through this Siemens AG always achieved a high score in the CDPscoring in the past years.