estell creates transparency about social compliance risks in the value chain and hence enables an efficient, risk-oriented sustainability management

Modern sustainability management is dedicated to the corporate operations which have significant impacts on the environment and the society

How high is the risk of human rights violation at your supplier? Where in your supply chain lie the greatest risks of core labor standards non-compliance?

With estell you get information about how many people in your supply chain are potentially affected during production of your goods and services. For every hour worked, we determine the sector- and country-specific risks of violating the ILO core labor standards and other internationally recognized human rights standards.

This information will enable you to set the focus of your social compliance measures on those areas where the highest risks for human rights and business lie.


Arbeitsstunden mit Social-Compliance-Risiko

Social-compliance risks based on working hours

By determining the working hours that are needed for the production of business goods and services throughout the value chain, estell provides basic information about how many people are potentially affected by social compliance risks in the value chain. estell matches these findings with sector and country-specific risk information regarding non-compliance with working hours, wages, health and safety, child and forced labour, discrimination, and social dialogue as defined by international requirements.

Auswertung der Social-Compliance-Risiken nach Produktgruppe

Driver Analysis: Social-compliance risks by product group

Which business sectors and product groups bear the highest social compliance risks? How does a change in the company’s portfolio affect its overall risks? On which business sectors should a company focus its measures the most?

estell’s company driver analysis enables the identification of those divisions that influence the social footprint most.

Country allocation of social compliance risks

Social compliance risks by country - for each supplier level

What amount of work of German companies is still performed in Germany? What are the induced social risks in China in the upstream supply chain?

A value chain social risk analysis by countries identifies regional hot spots that can be used as the development of appropriate measures.

Your benefits

Full transparency about the social risk impacts in the supply chain, own locations and use phase

Risk Assessment of direct suppliers and pre-screening of potential suppliers


Providing a basis for Sustainability Reporting / Integrated Reporting

Focus on the key drivers of risks, identification of starting points for a social compliance strategy, prioritization of individual supply chain management (trainings, audits)

Necessary inputs

Supply of purchasing volume by product group and country of manufacturing from your controlling systems

Supply of sales figures (relevant for the use phase of the products)


If necessary, data processing in the predefined estell format


Participation in workshops possible

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Christina Schampel


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Dr. Moritz Nill


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