estell measures the environmental impacts of your company throughout the value chain. It also identifies solutions which allow to avoid and reduce negative impacts.

Modern sustainability management is dedicated to the corporate operations which have significant impacts on the environment and the society

estell offers the essential transparency about hot-spots in the supply chain and identifies appropiate mitigation and reduction measures. Especially the assessment of consumed natural capital and the effects caused by emissions into air, water and soil are in focus.


Comparison of business success and external costs

Environmental profit and loss accounting based on external costs

Through the monetary evaluation of environmental effects, comparisons to a company’s success are made easy and emphasize the relevance of those effects. Given the assumption that companies had to fully internalize all their environmentally harmful costs (e.g. through respective regulations) the annual surpluses of many companies would be expended. It is therefore clear that environmental effects are of great relevance for business. The comprehensive analysis of all effects can be used as environmental profit-and-loss accounting and can serve as a guiding instrument to be part of the sustainability strategy. For this reason, the sustainability strategy of the Otto Group, based on the model calculations of estell, was awarded with the CSR Award of the German Federal Government in 2014.
Sustainability Impact Scorecard

Sustainability Impact Scorecard

Are the greatest environmental impacts caused within the supply chain, beyond direct corporate control, or rather on its own sites? Is the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions really the biggest challenge? Or do other airborne emissions and water consumption cause the greatest enviornmental impacts? By allocating the environmental effects on the different tiers of a company’s value chain, while separating them into individual environmental impacts, relevant conclusions on the most crucial hot spots can be made.
Environmental effects per single business units

Driver analysis: Environmental impacts per product category

Which business sectors and product categories drive the environmental effects? How does a change in the company’s portfolio affect the environmental impacts caused? On which business units should a company focus in order to realize the greatest reduction of emissions? The corporate driver analysis of estell enables to identify those divisions which drive the ecological footprint.
Prozessanalyse der Umweltbelastungen in der Lieferkette

Process analysis of environmental stress in the supply chain

Is it the energy consumption during final manufacturing of earlier purchased products that drives the environmental effects in the supply chain? Or is it the effects caused further upstream during raw materials extraction and processing? A process analysis of environmental impacts in the supply chain allows to identify and develop appropriate measures to reduce environmental effects.
Countries where environmental effects arise

Analysis of countries where pollution arises

Which percentage of the overall environmental effects of a German company is really caused in Germany? Which are the environmental effects in China if primary products are bought in Europe but manufactured outside of Europe. An analysis of the countries where environmental impacts arise identifies regional hot spots in the entire value chain and is a solid basis to develop appropriate measures to mitigate them.

Your benefits

Full transparency about the environmental impacts in the supply chain, own locations and customers

Preparation of a customized environmental profit-and-loss account

Natural Capital Accounting


Providing a basis for Sustainability Reporting / Integrated Reporting

Assessment of the relevance of effects for the company’s operations, focus on key drivers of environmental pollution, identification of a starting point for an environmental strategy and identification of impact reduction measures

Necessary inputs

Supply of purchasing volume by product group and country of manufacturing from your controlling systems

Supply of sales figures (relevant for use phase of products)

On request, data processing in the predefined estell format


On request, participation in workshop

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