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What is it about?

Producers and retailers face the challenge to find ways and implement sustainable chemicals management in the supply chain. The Greenpeace DETOX campaign demands a complete abandonment of chemicals that pose a threat to health and environment and the BMZ is currently taking up this issue under the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles (‘Textilbündnis’). In addition, media coverage increases public pressure and thus creates an urgent need for companies to take action. Not only do companies need to be prepared to provide information and react to upcoming stakeholders’ demands. They also need to credibly and reasonably deal with the issue of hazardous substances that are contained in their products and are emitted during the production.

What can be done?

For more than 15 years, Systain has been advising the textile industry on the topic of sustainability. We focus on challenges in the supply chain, both in the social and the environmental sphere, and since 2012 we offer DETOX-consulting services. Systain assists textile and shoe retailers in designing strategies to appropriately handle DETOX issues and implementing effective measures for improvement. In addition to it, Systain is present in the local production facilities. As part of a DEG project, for instance, we conducted an on-site assessment at one of the largest dyeing factories in Bangladesh where we identified measures for improvement of chemicals management and guided their implementation.

Thanks to our experience and thanks to our international network with local offices in Asia, we are a competent partner of brands and factories to face the challenge of DETOX.



Christian Dietrich

Christian Dietrich


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Joschka Hahler


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