We help you to develop and implement a human rights strategy

New laws and international standards on human rights significantly increase the pressure on companies to comply with their human rights due diligence. Key drivers include the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the German government’s National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights (NAP), and the new German Supply Chain Act. Respect for human rights is not only a component of corporate responsibility, but also creates added value for companies and stakeholders.

We enable you to define an adequate human rights strategy and integrate it into your business processes:


Goal-oriented approach

We develop with you a clear position on the topic of human rights, which provides you a roadmap for the implementation of your human rights due diligence

Transparency through risk analysis

We create transparency on human rights risks along your entire value chain. We also prioritize the most important human rights issues for you

Clarity about improvement opportunities

We systematically assess how well your company guidelines and processes are set up in regards to human rights diligence. In the process, you will receive concrete recommendations for necessary adjustments

Impactful measures

We support you in the selection, implementation and impact measurement of your measures by which you effectively avoid and reduce negative impacts on human rights

Our expertise:

Systain has shown itself to be a competent partner in the field of human rights. In addition to the ability to accompany projects in a very structured and focused manner, we were particularly impressed by their deep expertise in the field of human rights. Systain approach based on partnership has enabled us to take human rights due diligence to the next level.


Senior Project Manager Sustainability, Iris Jänisch

Systain is part of the German government’s NAP monitoring consortium. This means that we play a key role in setting up and implementing the procedure for monitoring the implementation of the NAP requirements.
In 2018 Systain organized an exclusive event on „Managing Human Rights in a Global Context“, which was attended by 60 representatives from 44 companies, associations, NGOs and the government.
Amongst other publications on the topic of human rights, Systain published the whitepaper „7 success factors for human rights due diligence“.
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Christina Schampel


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