We optimize the chemical management in your supply chain

Manufacturers and distributors are facing the challenge of making their chemicals management in the supply chain sustainable. A key driver of this development is Greenpeace’s Detox Campaign, which calls for the complete elimination of chemicals in the supply chain that are harmful to health and the environment („Detox“). Reports in the media also increase public pressure. There is a need for action that companies must face up to. It is not only a matter of being able to provide information and react to current stakeholder demands, but above all of dealing with the issue of toxic inputs in production and their effects in a credible and sensible manner.

We create transparency in your supply chain, thus helping you to achieve fundamental improvements in the chemical management of your production facilities:


Assessments on-site

We can conduct intensive assessments directly at your production sites and draw on local expertise – through the consultants in our offices in Asia


Strategic consulting

Beyond the assessments, we also provide strategic insights for tangible optimizations in handling chemicals


Years of experience

For over 8 years, we have been providing our customers with assistance specifically on the topic of detox and chemical management


Cross-industry knowledge

Whether you come from the pharmaceutical industry or the textile sector – thanks to our diversity of customers, we have in-depth cross-industry knowledge of the topic of detox. That way we are well prepared to support you

Our expertise:

For over 8 years Systain has been supporting our customers specifically on the topic of detox

Systain evaluated one of Bangladesh‘s largest dye factories in an intensive on-site assessment and identified and accompanied measures to improve chemicals management

Through numerous chemical management trainings on-site, Systain acquired a deep knowledge of the reality on the ground, which is used for the detox assessments

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Isabell Pape

Isabell Pape


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