Be well prepared for the CDP and your next climate strategy

Does your supply chain account for the majority of your business‘ greenhouse gas emissions? But you lack reliable and complete data on CO2 emissions from your direct and indirect suppliers? Is this the reason why you have not (fully) included the CO2 emissions of your suppliers in your climate strategy or Scope 3 reporting?


Gain full transparency of your supply chain’s greenhouse gas emissions with minimal effort:


Methodology with high quality

The calculation methodology is based on recognized scientific data sets (e.g. from the OECD or the World Bank) and complies with current reporting standards (CDP, Greenhouse Gas Protocol)


For strategy and reporting

The results can be used for your next climate strategy as well as for your sustainability reporting


Compliant with the CDP

The presentation is adapted to the Scope 3 questionnaire of the CDP, so you achieve high scores in the CDP scoring


Detailed analyses possible

You decide on the desired level of detail of the analysis. We can break down the CO2 emissions for your entire company, but also by business unit or individual suppliers


Low effort

As input we only need selected financial key figures from your controlling system (e.g. SAP). This way you have a minimum of effort in data preparation and the results are particularly reliable due to the quality-controlled figures.

Insights into our analysis tool

Breakdown analysis in scope 1, 2, and 3

We can estimate the GHG emissions of your own site (scope 1), from your purchased electricity (scope 2) or from your supply of primary products and services (scope 3).

Breakdown analysis by countries and industry sectors

Our analysis tool is based on a basic model of 48 countries/regions and 450 economic sectors. Thus it clearly identifies the countries and industry sectors which drive the GHG emissions in your supply chain.

Breakdown analysis by business units

Our analysis identifies the business units (e.g. product range, department, national company) which drive your GHG emissions.

Breakdown analysis by scope 3 category

Our analysis provides quality-tested and reliable results for the upstream categories 1 to 6 of scope 3 according to the GHG Protocol.

Comparisons of emissions with the previous year

We enable a comparison of current figures on GHG emissions with your report results of the previous year.

Our expertise:

For a study by the CDP on Scope 3 emissions in the supply chain, Systain has analyzed 12 business sectors. Systain modeled the supply chain structures of the sectors and quantified the corresponding emissions.

In a comprehensive analysis, Systain shows the environmental impact and hot spots of selected industries. For the first time, this analysis provides a comprehensive description of how the production of German companies abroad affects the environment.

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