With our consulting services we embed sustainability into your company:

You want to work out the most efficient sustainability strategy?


You want a comprehensive supply chain analysis on environmental and social impacts?


You want to ensure that your suppliers meet your sustainability standards?



Approaching sustainability goals with a good CR strategy and implementation

We identify the environmental, social and digital topics relevant to your business model and integrate them into your core business processes. In doing so, we take the entire value chain of your company into account – from the raw materials to your customers.

Our strategic approach is fact-based, using proprietary, sophisticated quantitative and qualitative methods, such as a comprehensive impact measurement models or web-based stakeholder surveys.

CR strategy development

We help you separate the significant from the insignificant, on the basis of impact measurement, stakeholder surveys, relevance assessment and other instruments. We support you in the development of general CR strategies, as well as on strategies of GHG/Co2 reduction and on human rights due diligence.


CR strategy development

We offer strategic support that goes beyond pure CR strategy development. We enable you for instance to establish a sustainable supply chain management, or a social compliance management.


Creating and using transparency along the supply chain

Company decisions should be based on solid facts. The same guiding principle applies to corporate responsibility. We support you at all levels of creating transparency: from the creation of global transparency of your sustainability hotspots in the value chain, analyses of individual value creation sections or sustainability topics, to detailed analyses of individual production sites or products.

We rely on a defined methodology toolkit and our own experience with on-site assessments. Our know-how about all current standards and reporting formats enables a seamless integration into your corporate communication.

Using our comprehensive data-based analysis tools, we develop global and detailed analyses along your value chain. In addition to our quantitative analysis, we also conduct on-site assessments and audits. Here is a selection of our services:


Trainings for reducing environmental and social risks

We conduct sustainability trainings in all tiers of the value chain: in your company, at your suppliers or further upstream. We use both classroom training and web-based formats, such as webinars and e-learning, as well as additional homework assignments, templates and manuals.

In addition to imparting practical knowledge of environmental, social and digital challenges, we place particular importance on the integration of these challenges into specific business models on a day-to-day basis. Participants are equipped with methods for identifying causes of maladministration and learn how to translate their knowledge into continuous improvement processes.

Classroom trainings

We train companies and their suppliers through individual trainings, small group training or lectures and information events on site and on the topics most relevant to them. Learn more here.

Online trainings

Our innovative, web-based training formats, like webinars and e-learnings, are accessible from anywhere at any time and help us teach the essentials in a compact and cost-effective way. Learn more here.

Trainings concepts

Building on our experience, we support our clients in the development and implementation of individual training concepts and materials such as manuals, videos or VR applications. Learn more here.