Sustainability consulting

With our consulting services we embed sustainability into the core business of our clients.

Strategy development

Doing the right thing at the crucial moment with a good strategy

Sustainable business practices are a must for companies. However, the precise requirements are unclear, potentials remain unidentified. Since the relevance for the core business is often not recognized, the issue of sustainability is often under internal justification pressure. Systain’s fact-based approach identifies and prioritizes the key sustainability topics.

Impact measurement

A successful sustainability strategy is characterised by the right fields of action. We measure the environmental, social and economic impacts of your business model and determine in what areas measures can achieve the greatest success.

Stakeholder surveys

We identify your company’s relevant stakeholders and conduct stakeholder surveys. In this way, we create the basis for a fruitful and continuous dialogue with your stakeholders.

Relevance assessment

We evaluate the relevance and value contribution of sustainability issues for your company, e.g. by interviewing internal stakeholders. This ensures that your sustainability strategy is aligned with your business model and anchors sustainability in your core activities.

Materiality analysis

We combine the findings from impact measurement, stakeholder surveys, relevance assessment and other instruments such as a competitive analysis to separate the significant from the insignificant.

Sustainable supply chain design

The future of successful business is to be found in the supply chain

Supply chains are global and their complexities are hard to untangle. They pose opportunities and risks for reputation, reliability and cost effectiveness. We find weak links in the supply chain, help to reduce social and environmental risks and unlock the potential. We are convinced that the future of successful business is to be found in the supply chain.

Extensive topic & solution competence

With over 20 years of experience, we are experts in sustainability in international supply chains. We support our clients in developing the right strategy for your supply chain management, develop measures and are also on site in the production sites themselves.

Prioritization of suppliers

Using innovative methods, we identify the hot spots of social risks and environmental impacts in your supply chain and prioritize suppliers as the basis for your supplier management.

Systain academy

With the Systain academy, our business school for factory managers, we transfer knowledge and skills to effectively improve the working conditions at your suppliers.


Sustainability due diligence & Assessments

Legal compliance and brand protection demand a reliable and audit-proof risk management

International laws as well as stakeholders require companies to fulfil their social responsibility. Management instruments such as adequate risk management must ensure that the company actually meets its self-imposed requirements both within the company and in its interaction with suppliers and other business partners.

Due diligence

Violations of human rights, poor working conditions or environmental pollution generate high media attention and can lead to significant damage to reputation. We help you to fulfil your entrepreneurial due diligence.

Social Compliance Management
Human Rights Due Diligence


Risk identification

Using innovative methods, we identify ecological and social risks across the entire value chain of your company. We provided you with a fact-based basis for your risk management.

Assessments & Audits

Legal compliance, audit compliance or simply an external audit of your activities – a trustworthy partner is necessary. Systain is an acknowledged expert in Assurance & Verification.

Qualification & Training

Tailor-made trainings to reduce environmental and social risks

Environmental and social risks are often treated symptomatically rather than fighting the causes. Suppliers in particular often lack basic knowledge of environmental and social standards. Training is also needed within the company itself to anchor specific content. Tailor-made qualification measures minimize risks (such as loss of production, damage to reputation, penalties), enable compliance with prescribed standards and improve working conditions and environmental impact.


Tailor-made trainings

More than 20 years of sustainability consulting have built our comprehensive expertise across the entire range of sustainability issues. We are hence capable of offering expert training and capacity-building in all aspects of sustainable management, for instance in social compliance management or detox.

Focus groups

We train both within your company and at your suppliers:

Internal groups: Management, Purchasing, Quality Assurance, CR, PR & Communications

External groups: Importers / sourcing offices, suppliers, sub-suppliers and stakeholders

Systain academy

With the Systain academy, our business school for factory managers, we transfer knowledge and skills to sustainably improve the working conditions at your suppliers.