Assurance & Verification

Protecting brands through credibility

Legal compliance, audit safety or external audit of your activities – you’ll need a trustworthy partner. Systain is a respected expert on assurance and verification. Through assessments and evaluation potential risks to your company and brand can be reduced.


Supplier assessments

The greatest risk is the unknown risk. Grievances at your suppliers may threaten your business. Poorly implemented processes increase costs and block innovation. We make Social and Environmental Compliance at suppliers transparent and uncover potential for improvement. This way, the performance of your supply chain will improve. Systain develops tailor-made solutions according to your demands, as existing standards often fail to wholly map the need for information and action.


Inhouse assessments

Get certainty on the degree of compliance of internal processes and standards with legal requirements. We carry out comprehensive assessments for you – from on-site audits to employee surveys or data-based system analysis. We prepare the results for internal revision or external presentation to stakeholders.

Product assessments

Resource-friendly production, energy-efficient use, recyclability, good working conditions in manufacturing. These product features can have significant sales effects, but only if they are reliable. Environmental and social benefits of your products or services can be proven by an external audit.


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Dr. Moritz Nill

Dr. Moritz Nill


Strategy consulting / Project Management / Environmental and Resource Management

Torben Kehne

Torben Kehne


Strategy development / Social responsibility / Human rights / Monitoring systems / Communications