Advanced Chemical Management Training​​

Systain and the German Partnership for Sustainable Textiles ( offer a chemical management training for textile wet processing units. The program focusses on establishing an improved chemical input, raising awareness and training the factories in chemical substitution. The training includes factory visits, group workshops and the joint development of management action plans (MAP).
The Advanced Chemical Management Training was developed to promote long-term improvement of chemical management by providing hands-on knowledge to the factories on how to improve existing management systems. Transparency, clear communication and engagement will be created throughout the whole supply chain.
Core topics during the training are quality insurance of the chemicals used, wastewater and mud treatment, as well as substitution.

Through a period of 10 months the factories receive continuous visits, interactive group workshops, and supporting documents. The participants learn to control and ensure the safe handling of chemicals from purchasing until disposal. Additionally, the trainer identifies specific hot spots during the on-site visits which are addressed in the management action plan.


The Advanced Chemical Management Training at a glance:

  • 10 factories with max. 3 participants of one region
  • One trainer guides the factories through the whole program during the training, the on-site visits and the development of the MAP
  • Duration: 10 months
  • Program scope: kick-off workshop, three on-site factory visits, three interactive group workshops

Through continuous training and reporting you gain insights on the knowledge of your suppliers in regards to chemical management, and are also able to monitor their improvements in that regards. For additional information on the content and scope of the program, please click here.

The training is coordinated by Systain and conducted by selected highly qualified local trainers.

Costs for the training program will be calculated per factory and may vary depending on the location and trainer.

If you are interested in the program please share your list of potential textile wet processing units with Systain until 31.01.2020:

Systain will cluster the nominated wet processing units and propose a workshop region with a specific cost calculation.