Systain Academy

We impart knowledge for a sustainable future

What is Systain Academy?

Our goal is to provide the managerial knowledge and skills to improve and conserve sustainable working conditions in your business. We particularly emphasize on the strong connection between good working conditions and economic success through better management.

Systain Academy orientates towards the methodological and organisational framework of leading business schools and thereby fosters motivation and skills of all participants.

What is it about?

Good working conditions are the key to economic success in the long term. They therefore belong to the management agenda of companies worldwide.

Current approaches strongly focus on external monitoring of working conditions and miss out on imparting managerial knowledge on how to understand and effectively supervise areas of concern. The results are often short-term and superficial solutions. In the long run, however, working conditions cannot be improved by such approaches.


What are the advantages?

Small learning groups allow every participant to optimally acquire knowledge, contribute and reflect upon experience and develop new solutions through mutual exchange. Home assignments and on-site visits of the trainer in the factory ensure the transfer of acquired knowledge to the actual factory envirnoment.

The learning content is geared to the individual requirements of the participating factories. We impart general knowledge on Social Compliance Management systems as well as specific knowledge, e.g., on working safety, remuneration or efficient organisation of working time.

The various teaching methods enable the participants to make further independent progression after the end of the course. With the successful completion of the course they receive a personal certificate in recognition of their work.

How is the programme structured?

The standard programm of Systain Academy includes six one-day workshops over a six-month period of time. These workshops are supplemented with individualised tasks that have to be completed in between. The tasks integrate the learned know-how into the daily operational processes. Every factory gets further assistance by the trainer on its site.

Of course, the single learning units can be combined in a flexible way to take account of the individual requirements of the participants.



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Torben Kehne

Torben Kehne


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Jens Winkler


Strategy consulting / Social responsibility / Human rights / Monitoring systems